10 ‘Must Have’ Travel Essentials

Going somewhere this weekend?

Here is a quick checklist of what to bring on your escapade.

It is very important to bring your own “travel essentials” whenever you go out-of-town. These are the stuffs that will make your life on the road easier and at the same time, you will regret if you miss having it in your backpack.

Let me share our (#ARKITravels)  “Travel Essentials”

  1. Sun/Rain Protection

We personally love the sun. It feels good to go out most especially when we are on a vacation. However, long exposure to sun causes wrinkles and age spots on our faces. Damaged skin also causes skin cancer due to Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. PS, it’s present in daylight.

To protect our skin from the sun we are using sunblock SPF30, umbrella, cap, and/or arm sleeves. Grab it, you’ll never know its worth until you need it.

Sun Protection

For example, you’re on a beach trip and you forgot your sunblock. I know it is very easy to grab another one, however if you are on a tight budget, it will costs you some bucks that you can spend for your meals or a souvenir item instead.

  1. MP3 Player/Book

For some of our travel, we tend to wait for long hours ‘til we reach the schedule of the bus or reach our destination. What do we do? Kill time using my three year old Sony MP3 player, or read a book.

It’s all up to you what should you have to avoid boring hours, sometimes a good conversation is enough.

  1. “Prettify Me Kit” // Toiletries and a Plastic Bag

You may say it is very simple to buy these in the nearby store upon reaching destination, however we value every cents so why not try saving time and money, at the same time.

Since we are a couple traveling together, we always have shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion and towel. We have these toiletries placed in one pouch and refilled every after trip so that we can grab it easily when needed. Some ladies, like me, would like to have my powder and lip tint ready as well.


Why did we include plastic bag? Well, simply we use this to separate our dirty clothes from the clean ones, to keep our trash so we can dispose it properly, to keep our dirty shoes from the mountain and to keep groceries or any shopping items. It save us some bucks from buying plastic bags, and of course by saving our amazing planet, Earth.

  1. TumblerTumbler

Simply to hydrate ourselves, most especially if it is summer or during our mountain climbing. Water refill in some establishments is free so why not take advantage of it while traveling? Again, save some bucks.

  1. Malong/Cardigan/Jacket

To keep you warm and/or to use these as a floor mat over the mountain/park/beach.


  1. Power bank, Cords and Charger

We love bringing our cameras so we can take a lot of good pictures that we can treasure to infinity. I know making memories is way better than just photographs, however isn’t better to keep the memory alive with some photos to keep and show our kids?

I still do scrapbooks.

To keep this hobby rolling, we make sure we have loads of batteries ready. Some cords and chargers are not available to some places, so you better have these in your bag.

We kept these cords organized in one pouch. At some point, we does not upload pictures real time, just one or two per day, to simply save batteries and spend more time together.

For call and text purposes, we have Samsung E1200 that can lasts for a week if you have it full charged. And also, do not forget to charge your gadgets while you doze off at night.


  1. Money, Money, Money

Always bring extra cash. Some places are not accessible to any ATM machines. Don’t rely on your credit cards, debit cards, it doesn’t work well to some provinces. You never know if they accept one, or some technical difficulties happens.Money

If you’re traveling to another country, better have the currency needed or a card that you can use to withdraw money on your destination.

  1. Valid ID (PRC ID and Passport)

You know this too well. We always bring a valid ID, for PROPER IDENTIFICATION.Passport

For proof. For insurance.

For discount. (If you are a Senior Citizen, a Student and/or a Permanent Resident to other country.)

  1. Itineraries, Maps, Direction Guide, Contact Person details

Way back in college, I always have ‘To do list’ and it seems that it has been very helpful when traveling. Along with our ID’s, we have these kept and ready as well.

It is never wrong to have plans.

I know being spontaneous is great, however we would like to maximize our time during travel, rather than thinking where to go, where to eat, where to sleep upon reaching the destination. Preparation does us good so we always have itineraries ready, it may not be followed exactly as it is but at least we know what to do and see around the area.

Having a conversation with the locals are helpful too, they can easily help you with directions. You may know the address, but they can get you there easily. I know it’s hard to trust strangers, but hey you can always try. If in doubt, don’t disrespect or show arrogance, it won’t do you good. Try searching or check your notes.

  1. Camera (Go Pro Hero 4 Silver Edition, Iphone 4S, Polaroid Camera)

Our babies as of the moment. We kept these and use them while traveling.

To keep our memories alive.Cameras

Apple Iphone 4S. 3 years old and still working. It has 8-megapixel and 32GB memory, and we are still using this to capture momentous events of our lives. Just maximizing what we have, and some apps that are very useful. Snap and Share.

Polaroid shots are too cute to post and you can write on it too. Snap and Print.

For adventurous people, like us, and most of the people of our generation, GO PRO cameras are very handy. Small yet offers you 1080p60 and 720p120 video, 12-megapixel photos up to 30 frames per second, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and Protune for photos and video. Most importantly, it’s waterproof. Hooray! It’s quite pricey, but it will really come along way.

And that’s all for our ‘Travel Essentials’, can you share us yours? We would love to hear from you. We hope that you learn something that can be useful and handy on your next trip!

Thank you for reading!