Going around Japan? WILLER EXPRESS it is.

You read that right! Willer Express seems so perfect for traveling

Japanese residents and for tourists as well.

WILLER Express

WILLER Express

Willer Express is a major highway bus company operating in Japan since 1994.

I know, pink buses are too cute! It’s like it was made for pink lovers.

Last September, I posted my story about climbing Mt. Fuji in celebration of my 24th Birthday. It was totally fun, amazing and very organized. It was my first international climb so I did not risk my safety and took the chance to have my reservation via Willer Express.

It was very easy to make a reservation via their website at http://willerexpress.com/en/. They had schedules for the Mt. Fuji Climbing Package, and I chose the dates closer to my birthday. I would suggest you reserve your slots early, it is honestly cheaper.

  • Reservations are available three months in advance!

Here are the routes available that are also eligible for BUS PASS.


Sounds good for tourists with Japan Bus Pass



There are also other routes, however these are not available for Bus Pass. 

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You can pay using credit card immediately or pay within two days if you opt to pay via convenience store within Japan.


As soon as I made my reservation, I received the confirmation email in less than a minute.


Since I am not a fan of any credit card, I immediately visited Family Mart and pay.


Ready for my trip!

Their website was easy to navigate and you also have the option to choose which bus you personally prefer, but keep in mind that price varies.

This popular RELAX bus has a blanket, electrical outlet, personal monitor/television, foot rest, leg rest and has wide seat.


If airlines have business class, Willer Express also has their EXECUTIVE Bus. It includes blanket, electrical outlet, DVD player, television, foot rest and privacy curtains. This bus also has toilet.

Business Class

You can also choose BEAUTE Ladies in three colors, Pink, Yellow and Red. It has only three seats in a row, blanket, electrical outlet, leg rest and privacy curtains.


There are also other buses available depending on your own preference. Comfort and safety is not questionable with Willer Express.

They are also offering free membership registration, each point is equivalent to ¥1.

When we went to Mt. Fuji, we just had a standard bus that has 60 seats capacity and for my upcoming trip to Osaka, I chose the VALUE Bus that will travel overnight. It has blanket, electrical outlet, foot rest and toilet.

It’s also a DOUBLE DECKER BUS! Another first. ♥

Double Decker

Thank to Kuya Eric Muñoz for introducing Willer Express!

Happy Trip!!! 🙂