Hello! Konnichiwa! こんにちは! 

All my life I grew up in the Philippines. It’s where I knew I wanted to be and I never regret any part of it. I am still pursuing my dream of traveling its 81 provinces.

However, one day I realized I wanted to be with my own family. I realized that I am no longer afraid of changes and adjustments. And here I am, currently living in Saitama Prefecture, part of the Greater Tokyo Area.  

From this day forward, I commit myself to share facts and my experiences here in Japan. Bit-by-bit, I will post every interesting places, authentic and rare food, tradition, culture, kawaii stuff and the like. I’ll share Nihon’s Best thru my stories and pictures.

This page will serve as my online journal here in Japan,

or my so called “Japan Diaries”. 

                                         J A P A N


Just in time for Olympics 2020, See you! ♥