Amazing Pico and Friends

Throwback Story, again.

I started climbing in 2013, it was an on and off hobby because I always prefer to climb in groups back then. I am also used to overnight camping at the mountains. Yay!


Pico de Loro was my 5th mountain at 664 MASL located in Nasugbu, BatangasIt is also famous because of the monolith or known as “Parrot’s Beak” that can be scaled from the summit. Truly, this is one of the best mountain I’ve been to, aside from the fact that it is near Manila, it also has the captivating view at the summit. As a beginner, you need not to worry about its trail because it is well established and highly recommended!

“You never climb the same mountain twice, not even in memory. Memory rebuilds the mountain, changes the weather, retells the jokes, remakes all the moves.”

– Lito Tejada-Flores

I have climbed this mountain twice, back in February 2014 and last January of this year. I always ended up bringing a friend, introducing hiking and sharing adventure. On my first visit to Pico de Loro, I invited one of my schoolmates in college, Lee Aganus, to join our group for an overnight hike. It was her first mountain climbing experience, so I understand the excitement in her eyes and jittery moments.


Hi Lee Aganus!

While on my second visit, I am with my former trainer, John Placer. It was also his first time to try mountain climbing, however I did not worry to much since he’s a trained runner. He can definitely walk in long distance.

IMG_0627Hi John Placer!

Before I begin sharing our adventures, let me state important details about the trip.


Take a bus from Coastal Mall to Ternate terminal in Cavite.

Upon reaching Ternate, ride a tricycle to DENR Station, Magnetic Hill.


Bus from Coastal Mall to Ternate (one way) –  ₱80-85

Tricycle to DENR Station (one way)                – ₱250/trike (Good for 4 people)

Registration at DENR                                        –  ₱25

Registration at Base Camp 1                             –  ₱25

Guide is available but NOT Required

Food & Water depends on the participant/hiker.



things to bring

Those items with * are the things I do not have, however I joined my generous friends who were then capable of sharing. If you will notice, I also included jacket, gloves and bonnet, it’s because sleeping at the top of the mountain is cold, most specially during December – February. Please keep in mind that plastic bag is important for waterproofing and for keeping your own trash.

I missed adding it in the picture, however, do not forget your wet wipes.



Most of the time, I just have these in my bag for one day of adventure. As much as possible, I learned to pack light so I can enjoy climbing without hurting my back.


Personally, I prefer leggings, t-shirt, arm sleeves and Tribu footwear.  I haven’t tried wearing or buying outdoor gears yet because I believe that as long as you’re comfortable in your own clothing preference then you’re good to go.

Please be reminded to choose clothes that easily dry and does not get too heavy in case of rain. This is one of the reasons why jeans is not appropriate.

Let the adventure begins!

part 1


Looking fresh with our big smiles! 🙂


(L-R) Ate Julia, Yours Truly, Lee and Mara at Base Camp 1


Take a Pose, Smile & Snap. Thanks Ivan for the photos.


Did you know that you can reach Pico’s summit in 3-4 hours?

Yes to water break. 😀


Sometimes you have to fight your struggles, alone.


My struggling extremities, lol.


Happy girls are the prettiest, they say. ♥


Girl Power!

I am very happy and grateful that since I started hiking, I gained new friends, experiences and memories to treasure in my journey. Something to look back when I grow old.

Pitch ng tent

 Tents ‘four’ us! The color resembles the Philippine Flag. Yay! 🙂


Million thanks to my generous friend named John D. Dela Rosa for sharing his new red tent to us. Our friendship started during our climb at Mt. Banahaw in 2013.


While walking on our way to the camp site, I saw this writing in one of the big stones. On that day, I never thought that it was intended for me so I simply took a photo. However, one of my followers on Instagram commented that he saw me along the trail of Pico and leave a note. I appreciate it although this is a BIG NO – NO in mountain climbing.

Respect nature.

Take nothing but pictures.

Leave nothing but footprints.

Kill nothing but time”

I cannot barely remember what we had during our dinner, surely it was prepared by Kuya Varian & Ate Julia. It was indeed a great night of “chikahan” (conversation) with Lee Aganus, we were able to catch up with our lives after college and planned new adventures. She’s a year younger than me, but she’s one of the bravest lady I know, physically & emotionally.


Good Morning, Pico! Just in time for sunrise. ☀


Photobombed by Kuya Matthew. 😀


That’s the summit and monolith on our background.

HAPPINESS in its exponential form.


You are given the chance to live, make it worthwhile.


Sunrise at Pico de Loro ☀

I walked in paved and rough roads. I experienced life in its kindest and toughest battle.  I tasted sweet and bitter memories. I gained some, I lose some.

After all, I still chose to wake up and see the sunrise. It’s not being pretentious because living is a matter of choice.


Reaching for the summit was exciting yet nerve wracking. It was really steep and can you see the guy who’s trying to go down on the other side? I did the very same ‘technique’. ✓


Pico de Loro’s Scenic Summit


I love places that make you realize how tiny you and your problems actually are.


Pico & Friends. ✓✓✓


The Parrot’s Beak swallowed me whole, I don’t feel comfortable climbing it at all. As the saying goes, mountains never leave and I shall come back and try again.

If you’re in doubt, don’t do it. No one force me to do it, no peer pressure. I just chose to prioritize my safety and be responsible enough to take a stand.


It was Lee Aganus‘ first mountain and she was able to conquer the monolith, I told you she’s brave and determined to try new things. Congrats Lee! ♥



 Thank you guys for a ‘chillax’ kind of climb!


2 – 3 hours of descent, here at Base Camp 1.

Going back on the Ternate trail from the summit, there is one very confusing fork after you’ve passed Basecamp 1. After 10 minutes, the main path leads to Maragondon. The proper way to the Magnetic Hill is an elevated trail to the left; it is marked with a trail sign but it is concealed so watch out for it on your way back. The rough road, if you follow it through, ends in a landfill in Maragondon.



Yay! Going home safe and unharmed.


My first mountain for 2015, and my second time in Pico de Loro for a quick escape from the busy crowd of Manila.

We arrived at the jump off around 8 am, ate some bananas, fill out registration and started our adventure with a big smile!


Hi John Placer.

He was my trainer when I started working in a BPO company back in 2013, a professional runner, gym instructor and turned out to be one of my truest friend.


According to some locals, dogs can be your guide in climbing Pico de Loro, they are harmless as long as you don’t provoke them. Throughout our ascent, this dog was following us. Eventually we lost him, either he reached the jump off or Maragondon.


As you walk along the friendly trail of Pico de Loro, you can take a break in some of its forested areas.  As you can see in the picture above, John was very resourceful with his ‘trekking pole’.


Our ascent was pretty fast, around two hours, my beloved friend didn’t want to take too much break because he was excited to reach the summit.


Tuna in my tummy for lunch.


We had brunch before 11 am, talked about everything and anything with this kind of view.


That’s my one month old Go Pro Hero4 Silver.

It was a great day to revisit  the mountain; the cool breeze made the weather pleasant and inspire us to do a ‘photo session’.







Since it was his first climb, he tried to reach the summit.


He conquered the summit, ALONE. Congrats John!

It was very windy that day, I tried to join him climb the summit but it wasn’t too safe for me. The wind was too strong, blowing my hoodie. That concludes the fact that we were not able to conquer the monolith. Get ready for part three in 2016. 😀

According to some locals, the wind was too strong for the past three days. Amihan, maybe.

On our descent, we were able to reach Base Camp 1 in two hours. Unfortunately, we got lost and took the ‘unknown’ route. When life is tough, I pray and something good always happen. We walked for another two hours with a stranger. He helped us reached the quarry and one of his friends gave us a ride to the bus terminal.

When the real adventure strikes, do not panic.

Trusting someone is really hard, how much more trusting your life to a stranger? However, I kept telling myself to look at the brighter side of things. Be grateful of what is already in front of you. Enjoy the ride of your journey.

THANK YOU for reading! ♥