Famous Lines and Thoughts: A Second Chance Movie

Magandang Buhay!

After 8 years, from ‘One More Chance’ to ‘A Second Chance’, we are still here supporting the famous couple, Popoy and Basha. We are still the same person who longed to see forever on the big screen. We are still here, believing in the idea of true and unconditional love. Hoping that someday, one day, it will be ‘ours’. Do you agree that they certainly bring hope to every relationship that’s going thru a rough road?

A Second Chance

Let me share my insights about this much awaited film of the year(in the Philippines)…

Honestly, watching Popoy and Basha brings a lot of memory, most of the feelings I had, seems to be just like yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I am with a different person already but the scenarios executed on the said film was relatably applicable to our millennial relationships. The movie tackled a lot of real life scenarios that you can see in a relationship, specifically those who are married. No need for recommendations, this film is a MUST SEE!

Upon watching the film, I have my notepad beside me so I can personally write their famous lines that struck me, 100%. 

Let’s take a peek on their happy-kilig-hugot lines! ♥

A Second Chance31.

Popoy: “I am best at loving you, Ikaw ang pangarap ko, Bash.”

A Second Chance4


Basha: “Happy first day-sary!”


Popoy: “I have always dreamed of building homes with you Bash at sisiguraduhin natin na ung mga bahay na itatayo nating dalawa, hindi masisira ng bagyo, hindi matitibag ng lindol, hindi guguho, it will never fall down, it will never break apart.”

Basha: “Parang Tayo.


Popoy: “Lahat ng mahal worth it, tulad mo.


Basha: “Ang gwapo naman nito, crush ko ‘to.”


Popoy: Ang hilig mo kasing bigyan ng ibig sabihin lahat ng bagay eh!


JP & Rai: “Basta true love, lahat kakayanin. Forever and ever!”

Bash: “Kung gaganitohin mo lang din ako eh di sana hindi nalang tayo nagbalikan.”
Popoy: Baka nga dapat di na lang tayo nagkabalikan!
Basha: “Poy you made me feel like I’m your life’s biggest mistake. Tanong ako ng tanong sa’yo kung ano ang problema. Inisip ko pa kung ako yung may diperensya. Para kong gago, tanong ako ng tanong, Ako ba? Ako ba ang problema? Tangina, Ikaw pala ikaw yung problema!


Basha: “You want me to trust you, but you don’t even trust me. Because if you do Poy, you could have been honest with me. Hindi mo sana sinarili, di mo sana tinago. Poy, di mo lang buhay ‘to. Buhay natin ‘to. Asawa mo ‘ko, baka nakakalimutan mo lang.


Krissy: “Kung nahihirapan kang pagkatiwalaan siya, pagkatiwalaan mo muna ang pagmamahal mo sa kanya.”


Basha: “2 years, Poy. Now it all make sense. Kahit may nararamdaman akong mali, I chose to look away, I chose to keep quiet. Kasi ang sabi ko, ang nagmamahal, naniniwala, nagtitiwala.”


Basha: “I have the right to know the truth no matter how ugly, no matter how painful because I am your wife.”


Basha:Gusto na kitang iwan ngayon Poy. Gustong gusto ko na. Pero hindi ko gagawin, kasi nangako ako na kahit ang hirap mong mahalin, mamahalin kita. Kahit na nasasaktan ako, susubukan ko pa. Kasi nangako ako. I promised to love you even if it hurts and love you more when it hurts.”


Popoy: “E di sige ikaw na lang uli. Ikaw nang magaling, Ikaw nang tama. Ikaw nalang lahat, at ako wala. Wala lang sa’yo! Tae lang naman ako sayo eh!”


Popoy: “What if I made a different choice and a different life? I want to stop wondering what if, I want to know what is.”


Popoy: “Why is it so easy for you to assume the worst in me?”

Basha: “Why do you make it so hard for me to see the best in you?”


Basha: “Your love story is what you make it.


Popoy: “Bash, wala na ang dating Popoy na pinakasalan mo. This is me at my worst. Kaya mo paba akong mahalin ng ganito?”


Popoy: “I’m so sorry, Bash.”

Basha: “You are my what was, what is and what will be.”


Popoy: “Magkulang man tayo sa isat-isa, mahirapan man tayong makita yung maganda sa isat-isa… Basha iyo ako, I promise.


Popoy: “It’s brave to ask ‘what if’, but it’s braver to embrace ‘what is’. You, and only you, are my ‘what is’.”


Popoy: “Our marriage is everything we never hoped for. Oo, masaya siya, pero minsan malungkot, minsan masakit, minsan ang pangit. Pero yun siya. That’s marriage.”

♦ My Thoughts ♦


The said film runs for 2 hours and 12 minutes, but it felt like I’ve known them in real life. So much feels for this movie and I honestly saw myself as Basha over and over again. I was able to hold my tears but I was hit in the heart during the last part, the part wherein they decided to stay together and work things out. The part wherein they mean their mistakes and apologizes for all the pain and suffering they have caused each other. The part wherein they proved to everyone that no matter how tough and messy their marriage can be, they still chose love and forgiveness.

Would you do the same?

Would you forgive someone because he/she broke your trust?

Would you choose to fall in love with a person with tons of failures?

Would you believe in love after all the pain?

Would you continue to be your best when everything seems confusing?

Would you be ready to sacrifice for the person who matters to you?

Would you love him/her at their best and worst state?

The truth is, I am a fan of second chances. Iniisip kong kaya namin magbago for our relationship, that no matter how hard things can be, kami parin para sa isa’t isa. Kagaya ng relasyon nila Popoy at Basha, there’s no perfect relationship. We all have our ups and downs. Kailangan matapang ka to face the battles of love and life. I also came into a point that everybody were tired of understanding my ‘Popoy’, pinaglaban ko kahit masakit, inunawa ko yung sitwasyon kahit mahirap. It’s not being stupid, it’s learning how to love unconditionally.

The film was very realistic. I just wish that everyone who watched it will learn from it. For some men, saying sorry is a real struggle. Have you seen Popoy, genuinely apologizing to the person he love the most? It’s heartbreaking and remarkable at the same time. Huwag kang matakot humingi ng tawad sa taong mahal mo. Huwag mong hintaying mawala siya bago ka mag-sorry. Huwag mo hintaying may ibang mag-mahal sa kanya bago ka umamin.  Have the courage to admit your mistakes and talk about it. I do not promote break up/divorce and I am one of those people who believe that forever does exist. Ang ampalaya, kinakain, Hindi inuugali. 

Let me remind you the role of alcohol in the said film. Poy has a lot of things going on with his work and he ended up drinking so he can avoid discussions at home. Does drinking resolve the issue? No. It hinder them from talking. It hinder their relationship to communicate and grow. Ngayon kasi pag mayroong problema, alak agad ang takbuhan ng nakararami (hindi naman lahat). Mahilig tayong ipagpalipaban yung mga bagay na dapat pinag-uusapan. Aminin natin, mahirap ang komprontasyon. But we have to be honest, without reservations. Ganern yun. 

A movie can be great and brilliant without infidelity, right? 👍


Favorite part!!! The ‘barkada’ that they have 8 years ago was still part of the film. From Krissy (supportive friend), Kenneth (blind husband of Krissy), Chinno (funny guy), Anj (pessimist), JP (another supportive friend) and Rai (JP’s soon to be wife). When life ain’t easy, run to your best circle of friends, they will surely make things lighter and better. They might have different reactions and opinion, but definitely they will lead to doing something ‘right’. Avoid running into your exes for comfort, it will bring nothing but chaos.


The family part was not too mainstream on the film, but there was a time when Bash can no longer handle the pain, he ran into her mother’s house. That’s what I do too, talked to my parents when all of me was already drowning. Keeping my faith that everything will be okay in His perfect time.

I don’t intend to spoil stuffs about the film but it’s almost two weeks on the big screen 😂. Don’t forget to hit the nearest cinema and cry your hearts out! Lol.

PS. Photos are from Star Cinema 🌟