My FREE Camper Planner

Happy Holidays!

It has been an overwhelming holiday season for me and my family (it was our first), and honestly I was not able to stick to my posting schedule! It was purely quality time with lots of stories and laughters! Will share it soon! =)

Last week I wrote about perfect planners for 2016 that will suit your need and personality. Today, I will share how I got my free planner from Filed.

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If you will recall my October Blog Series, I joined Filed’s Wonder A Day Challenge by posting  Art Journals everyday, from October 1 until the 31st via Instagram. They gave us 31 prompts to interpret using drawing and calligraphy. Yay!

Let me show you my 31 entries, forgive some of my artworks that lacks creativity, some prompts were not so easy for me. Haha!

Every day of October, I spent an hour or two finishing my entry.

PS. My good friend, Angeli Velasco, invited me to join this wonderful activity! Honestly, this activity helped me to build an everyday routine to create more art journals. ♥

We were able to post daily (no late entries) and for our reward, we are given FREE Filed Planner (Scribble, Doodle, Camper) of our choice. I felt good about getting a planner from hard work plus I was able to save Php 545.

“I am not really good at it,

but I don’t want to miss the chance of TRYING”.

Let me show you how my 2016 planner looks like…


It was my personal choice and I really love it! It perfectly fits to people who are always up for adventures. 👣✈️🌏

Aside from the free planner, it comes with a personalized tag.
Where are we going?
List the places you want to see in 2016!
Along with adventure photos, you can also add your own travel photos and write down your travel musings.
Make it ‘remarkable 2016’.


You’re Philippines Adventure Map! Mark it.
Just to keep you reminded whenever you go places…
Dateless Monthly View
Spacious Weekly View (Doodle it your way!)
Manage your money while on the road!


Doodle your favorite quote or your own words on this colored pages.
+ Travel Musings +
It is small and handy, that you can bring the next time you hit the road.
My 2016 Planner

Aside from my travel journal, this Camper Planner will keep me company for the next 365 days of my life! Make sure to visit my Instagram account, Life and Misadventures of Aki, to see how I use and design my own planner.

Again, many thanks to Filed for this wonderful planner! It was my first time to join an online challenge and it’s totally worth it. More power to you guys! 👌

I wish all of your plans will come true in His guidance. Just keep making wonderful memories with your loved ones! ♥





My Scrapbook Buddy


This year has been amazing and I am committed in capturing and saving all of my treasured moments in this borrowed journey. As I mentioned on my previous posts, I would like to keep my photos printed and kept in the traditional way, which is SCRAPBOOKING.

It might sound time consuming but with right items to start with, you will surely enjoy making one for yourself, for your kids, for your family, for your friends and the lists goes on!

Honestly, I can totally attest to the statement that if you love what you are doing, you won’t get tired of doing so. My creative juices are overflowing when designing my craft. Just keeping it simple and clean (my forever theme).

To make this hobby a bit easier and less time consuming, I am using Fujifilm’s INSTAX SHARE PRINTER.

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My new scrapbook buddy at three months old. (September, 2015)

As we live in the world with so much use of technology, almost everything is made easy for the convenience of people. If you will think about it, I can simply save my photos in my computer or save it in a CD and label it accordingly. However, I am not this kind of person. I love printed photos taped on my notebook or posted in one of the corners of my room. I wanted to add personal touch on my captured photos and design it the way I like it.

Sounds exciting, right?



Press the Power Button for 1-2 seconds.

Upon turning it on, if the film is loaded, Film Indicator will turn green according to the number of films available.

Battery Indicator will turn green to show battery capacity.

Turned On

Prescribed batteries are two CR2/DL CR2 lithium batteries which can print 80-100 photos.

AC Power Adapter AC-5VX
AC – 5VX

To save some bucks from batteries, you can also use an AC power adapter (sold separately).


You can only use the prescribed films from Fujifilm which holds 10 prints per pack. (Image Size at 62mm x 46mm)


One of the best part is that you can REPRINT your photos and share it to your loved ones! However, if you reprint a photo, the image will be stored even if you turned off the printer. Simply hold the button for 5 seconds, LED flashes for a second and it will be deleted.


(1) It is very compact and handy; weighing at 253 grams with a dimension of 101.6mm x 42mm x 122.5mm

My personal set up when making scrapbooks / journals.

(2) Download their free app, instax SHARE, from the App Store to print photos straight from your smartphone / Fujifilm camera!

Instax Share

Instax Share App features the following:

* Print real time photos.

* Print photos from your Camera Roll.

* Print photos from your Facebook and Instagram accounts!

* Different Photo Templates available. (Real Time, Limited Edition, SNS Template (Facebook, Instagram), Square Photo and Seasonal Templates)

* It also has Filter which includes “Fujifilm Intelligence Filter,” “Black & White,” and “Sepia.”

(3) You can print your instant photos in 16 seconds! No need to use Adobe/Photoshop to customize the size of your pictures to look like an instax print.

(4) Supported Image Format JPEG.

(5) Upload your photo after printing! (Facebook, Instagram)



This printer costs ¥18,000 / P6,980 / $148.

It was a birthday present from my Aunt and some people may react that the item is a bit pricey, it would be unfair to say so if you don’t even have the product to try.

If you love pictures like I do, this printer is totally for you! 📷 I will be honest on this matter, if you are wishing to have your photos on an instax film, I will definitely choose this printer rather than the instant cameras. Why? Films are more likely to be wasted when you use the instant camera, most specially if you are not properly guided by the flash settings.

On the other hand, Instax Share SP-1 Printer will allow you to print photos in better quality (not as glorious as HDR shots) than the prints you took manually. You can also customize your prints by adding templates and texts on your photo, just simply use their free smartphone application!  👌


Look at some of my current projects… ♥

Scrapbook #2

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Travel Journal

You can maximize the use of this printer with fun and creative ideas such as memory keeping, room decoration and as a gift (personal touch!).


Due to its fun-size, you can actually bring it on special occasions and print real time photos and share it with your loved ones. A special souvenir of your gathering.


I hope you had fun on my second gadget review for December and please stay tuned for my last gadget review for 2015! 📷



Me & My Instax Mini8: Instant Photos Frenzy!  


Today, I am sharing facts and tips on how to maximize your Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 8. One of the best item I have whenever I travel because photos are printed immediately and I can even share it to my loved ones as a perfect souvenir! You can also start keeping memorabilia’s the traditional way!

I have this camera for years now and I still love it! (Photo was taken last May of 2013 as posted in Facebook & Instagram!)

I bought mine during my first salary back in May of 2013, back then its cost was around P3,900. I had trial and error with this product because of too much or less light exposure. Films are a bit pricey too! As of this writing, it is still working pretty fine. ♥️

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 8 is a manual camera (non-digital) that uses films to take pictures (business card size). I chose pink because it’s my favorite color and I know that you want or you already have one in your favorite color too! According to some reviews, the color faded too fast when they displayed it inside their room.

Mini 8

PS. My camera’s color didn’t fade because I always keep it inside the box. (Photo above was set a little brighter.) ☺️

These are the colors available:


Here in Japan, they released an updated version with new set of colors such as Mint, Strawberry, Cocoa, Vanilla and Honey. They simply added a Self Shot Mirror.

New Colors


Good job, Fujifilm!
  • Weight: 307g (10.8 oz)
  • Lens: f=60mm 1:12.7
  • Focus/shooting range: 0.6m-infinity
  • Shutter speed: 1/60 sec
  • Automatic power off: 5 minutes
  • Power: AA batteries x 2
  • Box Includes: hand strap, batteries, manual
  • Film sold separately


Steps on how to use this camera is pretty basic and easy so you don’t have to worry. Let me share facts and more photos… 📷

Mini 8 (2)
Press the button beside the lens to turn it on.

How To

Lens will come out as soon as you press the button beside it.

Shutter Button – as long as your lens is close, no photos will be taken. No films will be wasted.

Flash Settings or Brightness Adjustment Dial for Instax Mini 8 will automatically determines the appropriate brightness for taking a picture and will inform you for the suitable setting by lighting the corresponding lamp. Turn the dial and change it accordingly as suggested.


High Performance Flash is always ON when you take pictures. There’s no way you can turn it off.

Set Up

Finder is available to see your subject if they fit in the frame.

Film Counter lets you know how many films are available to use.


Insert films (pack of 10) properly and please be advised that you can only use the prescribed films from Fujifilm.


It uses two AA Batteries. I honestly don’t know when was the last time I changed the batteries. 😂 If you will not use your camera for a long period of time, remove the batteries to avoid battery leaks that can damage your electronics.

Fast Print
Take a shot and have your picture in 1-2 minutes.
Always check the date because expired films comes out white. No photo will be captured.

Films are very expensive that cost around 360 pesos ($7-8) for a pack of 10 plain sheets. It would be cheaper to buy the 20’s worth 680 pesos ($15).  There are also patterned films that hold 10 sheets for a higher price than the plain ones. If you don’t want to spend more on films, just design it with films skins (stickers). It’s cheaper than the printed films.

You will reach a time that taking photos will be hard because you were not able to achieve the right angle, right exposure and all. It’s very frustrating but along the way, you will get used to it. Trial and Error it is! So if you’re not willing to try and maximize its potential as a camera, then this is not for you.


(a) Keep your camera away from extreme temperatures (keep it inside the bag/box) because it will affect the color of your photos and will cause pinkish edges on your films.

(b) No x-ray exposure. If you are bringing films abroad or bought some films abroad, keep it on your carry on luggage and insists that your camera has films in it. This will be the hardest part when bringing it during travels. If they don’t believe you, show them the box of films and point out “Protect from x-ray” (at the side of the box). If you don’t like being questioned at the airports during security check, just leave the camera at home.



You can buy bag, waterproof case, close up lens, films stickers and album to keep your photos and please keep in mind that these items are sold by a third vendor. Don’t miss the chance to show the creative side of you! 🙂


If you are still after saving money, try to compare mall prices vs online prices.

* Online prices are way cheaper tho.

US (online)

Amazon $69 w/ twin pack + free shipping

Ebay $89.95 w/ twin pack + free shipping

Walmart $89.95 + free pickup at the store

Philippines (online)

 Price Price P3,200

Lazada P3,400 – P5,000

★ You can also visit Fujifilm’s physical store at Lower Ground, Building A, SM Megamall.

After sharing important details of this cute camera, let me share my own way of keeping my photos. ♥

Scrapbook #1 for my grandchildren.



Art Journal Inserts


Aside from giving photos to my friends as a souvenir of our gathering, I also make time in creatively keeping my printed films on my scrapbook / journal / planner. Aside from being a travel story teller, photos has thousand stories to tell as well.

I am also thinking of sticking films in one of the corners of my room, in a heart or globe shape. What do you think?

I hope you had fun on my first gadget review, expect two more reviews this month of December! ♥

Snap & Share. Will you?




BLOG SERIES for November ’15

Blog Series Recap for November 2015!

It’s been an adventurous month since I’ve been to new cities here in Japan and I have a lot of things to share with everybody – from traveling, photography and even art journals/doodling.

Here are the links to my November 2015 #BlogSeries. ❤️

Feel free to click on the links and read my stories. 🙂

Lately, I’m also loving the idea of traveling and doodling places and food on my journal/planner. It’s a creative way of preserving a memory in the most traditional way, that requires a notebook and a pen. I don’t have the best talent on it, but I don’t want to miss the chance of TRYING. You can also give it a try and you might enjoy and learn in the process.

I also shared my stories, tips and guides in exploring Osaka & Kyoto on a budget friendly manner while enjoying the cities. (Food Trip included!) If you want to feel the real vibe and see traditional Japan, these two cities are the perfect place to start your tour.

Osaka (Autumn) 2015
Kyoto (Autumn) 2015

Last month, I also wrote about climbing Mount Pico de Loro in Nasugbu, Batangas and earlier of this month, I shared my experiences in climbing Mount Maculot for three consecutive years (from 2013 – 2014 -2015).

You can read it here: Mount Maculot, “The Rockies”

3rd Mac
Photo taken during my third climb in Mount Maculot last June 2015.

I am still updating my story about Mount Haruna, my second mountain in Japan! I will update this post as necessary.

For now, take a glimpse of Haruna-san.

At 1,449 meters or 4,754 feet.


November has been sweet and refreshing for me, from traveling to trying new hobby is pretty exciting! It’s like a breath of fresh air from studying Japanese writing. I can’t wait for December and its lovely surprises!

I’ll see you next year Philippines, I will work hard to meet you again. ♥️ ✈️ 👣

As always, Thank you for reading!

Blog Series for October ’15

I am currently doing my November #BlogSeries, however you might want to take a look on how I started it last October. It contains series of articles that discusses my other interests (reading books, doodling, scrapbook making, art journals) and personal opinions. 


Here are the links to my October 2015 #BlogSeries. ❤️

You also might want to check how my October 2015 went. Successfully, I was able to visit Osaka & Kyoto in a span of three days on a budget-friendly manner. (Read my Solo Backpacking in Osaka here.) If you are staying in Japan for a couple of months, you can simply travel around the country using Willer Express, it is definitely cheaper, safe and comfortable enough to ride on a long trip.

The Wanderess:

OSkPS. I am still working on my story about Kyoto. (Will update this post as necessary.) Read it here.

Once in a while, I also take time to write about my previous travels and climbs when I was in the Philippines. If you are interested in mountain climbing, you can read my stories about climbing Mount Pico de Loro in Nasugbu, Batangas. It is highly recommended for beginners, even my best friend, Jme, was able to conquer the famous monolith.

Please don’t forget to read it and message your comments or suggestions about it. 😊

Have a H A P P Y Monday! ⛅👯