Top 10 Editing Apps I (AB)USED

After I finished college in 2012, I got my first Apple product – Iphone 4S, and that’s when I learned how to use Instagram and share my photos. Back then, I made collage for special occasions and learned the art of ‘selfie’. As the years passes, I learned some editing skills using different apps from the App Store, and I am glad that most of the people close to me appreciate it.

Every now and then, I would received personal messages asking what camera did I used and I answer them that I only took photos using my iphone and/or Go Pro Hero 4 Silver. I seldom upload raw photos because I opt to enhance the colors, I mean it, sometimes better lighting is such a pain.


The following applications are installed in my phone for years, I am not using all 10 apps in one photo, normally one to three apps will do. Let me share my Top 10 favorites. ♥

1. Label Craft

This app is free and allows you to add ‘label’ like what you does to your label maker. You have the options to change shape, texture, pattern, font and color.  


2. Split Pic Pro

This app is also free, but you can upgrade for $1.99 from iTunes. As showed in the pictures below, you can use it to blend photos together to look like one photo. It can also allow you to crop, rotate and do some color adjustments with 40 filters available.





3. Photogene

I got this app for $2.99, that can supports exporting and resizing multiple photos. It can open most RAW files in full-resolution, and you can simply crop, straighten, color adjustments, blur, sharpen and denoise, retouch tools, center focus, tilt-shift, vignette, frames, reflection and add text boxes.



Guess who’s missing?

4. After Light

Back to the time when I don’t have enough instax films, I used this app to look like it’s an actual instax and it costs $0.99. It includes 15 adjustment tools, 74 filters that are quite similar to VSCO, 78 textures, frames and cropping tools.


Instax Frames


Obviously, I love those black or white circle frames too,

you can adjust the brightness of the outer circle.

5. Phoster

This user-friendly application allows you to create stylish posters and various invitation cards for $1.99. It already has trendy templates within the application but I prefer using the blank one so I can design it my way. I also love the simplicity of its fonts, I use it to add locations on my travel photos.



For Landscape


Square Ready


For Portraits


That’s my favorite font.

6. Photofy

This free app has the world’s largest collection of overlay content (39,000 graphic elements). I am too picky at times, but this app actually has it all. You can also apply filters, effects, choose from 90 free fonts, memes, stickers and artwork.



I made my blog series cover photo using Photofy.

7. PicsArt

Whenever I feel the need to post immediately, I use this free app for collage because it doesn’t affect the quality of the photo and it is pretty easy to use. It has few free fonts available but it’s easy to manage the way you wanted it to appear. The stickers and artworks in this app is also cute.



Travel collage I made for my best friend, Jmelou, when we visited Davao last June.


VSCO stands for Visual Supply Company and is pronounced ‘VisCo’. It’s free and I know millions of instagrammers are loving their meticulously crafted presets or filters.

“VSCO is the company coming closest to replicating the look of film without making it gimmicky,”

–  William Wilkinson, a photography enthusiast and designer


Personally, this app makes your photo looks good and real in a classic, minimalistic style. You can also edit your own way by playing with the exposure, contrast, sharpen, saturation, temperature, shadows, fade, tint, highlights, grain and vignette. You might be a little overwhelm with the edit icons but please also consider not to over-process your photos.  

After trying some presets, you can directly post photos to any social network using this app.




For my food photography, I personally use HB1 or HB2.

bd02cf3291913a9224a4d00a0d84337414cacb954518d2953bb9519830311763Café Mary Grace


Bag of Beans, Tagaytay


Kusina de Kenyong


Bagnet in Laoag


Hidden Garden in Vigan

9. Instagram

One of my favorite social media app can also be your best tool for editing your own photos. They have been improving the app lately, adding more filters and just like VSCO, you can also adjust exposure/brightness.

And finally, we can already upload photos in landscape orientation. Yay!



When light is not enough, I use ‘Clarendon’ to brighten my photos.


I just updated my Instagram account to Life and Misadventures of Aki


10. Snapseed

This is the only free app I used to edit my Go Pro shots, to simply enhance the colors. It has fine filters and tools to tune your images that can make it vibrant and inviting. Just be careful not to ‘rape’ some tools, because ‘too much’ is not pleasing to the eye.


Filters available for Snapseed.


Akihabara, I used vignette and sharpen the photo.


I enhanced the waves and clouds in Pagudpud, with structure and sharpening.


Tune the ambiance, shadows and sharpen this sunset in Odaiba.


Tsurugaoka Hachimangū Shinto Shrine in Kamakura
I just applied some sharpening in the sunrise of Mt. Fuji.

That was it for my Top 10 Editing Apps! You just have to edit your own way with your own photos. I am not a professional photographer but I simply value my love for photos. What I learned in the long process, is that too much HDR, grainy photos are not good to look at. Please do not over processed the images, just make it seems natural, vibrant and inviting to look at.

I am still planning to learn photography, maybe one day I’ll have my own digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR).

Again, if you reached this part, THANK YOU FOR READING!


A.D.I. ♥