It’s never too late.

Ever heard of quarter-life crisis?

It’s the period in our lives usually in our late teens to the early thirties. It happens after entering the real jungle, the reality after college and doubting yourself as an adult, brought to you by STRESS of being one.

I’ve heard a lot of people telling life is hard, challenging and pretty ironic. I know, ’cause I am also struggling with mine. We are already in the time where we work on our own, pay unending bills, do our own laundry, prepare our own food and ends the day with hunting thoughts wishing that life won’t let us fall apart.

Being an adult is really exhausting and it still excites me everyday. After all the things that happened to me, I still chose to wake up and see the sunrise touched my face.

It’s never too late to be happy. Don’t let other people or situation control your happiness. You are given this life, this journey, to be happy and you deserve to be.

I’ve been into some heart breaking situations, like losing someone you loved the most. I blamed myself of what happened and I slept with a lot of “what if’s”, but one day I chose to let go and accept why He took the most important person in my life. I woke up choosing life and being happy, I surrounded myself with people who loved and cared for me. Start it from within and you’ll see how radiantly beautiful life is. It always start with a CHOICE, it’s not easy but it will be worth it.


It’s never too late to love again. I am no good in giving advice, I myself can’t abide to it. However, I am very sure that falling in love is one of the greatest feeling in the world.

You might be hurt in your past relationships, but one day you will know why it didn’t work out because He has better plans for you. I turned my previous heartbreaks as a lesson, because the truth is, I am one of those people who learned the hard and painful way. Never be afraid to try, you might miss your chance.


It’s never too late to do what you love. I attest to the statement that we cannot have all the things we want. But as I grow up, I learned to be contented.

I graduated with a college degree and finding the preferred job wasn’t simple and free. It takes a lot of time, effort and money. While waiting, I tried working in one of the biggest BPO industry in the Philippines. Before I started, I know that this job was not what I wanted but it was what I have to sustain my needs and wants. Everyday, I chose to love my work and be happy with my new friends. I had few late attendance and I don’t make any absences without important reasons.

I’m simply saying that no matter what your work is, or how much you earn, love your job. Not everyone is capable of working. I suggest you can look into your strengths and weaknesses, learn your habits and build a relationship to better yourself rather than spending your time and energy whining.


It’s never too late to go outside of your comfort zone. I highly encourage you not just to dwell on your work and pay bills. You might want to see the different islands in the Philippines or even the other side of  the world. Once in a while, it’s better to breath some fresh hair and be away from the sparkling city lights.

Sail away, hike the tallest mountain and watch the sun at the top, learn French, jump off a cliff, try surfing, enjoy the ocean breeze, visit historical places, play an instrument, play some sport, make crochets, doodle your dream places and the list goes on. The world has a lot to offer, see it for yourself.

I’ve been to different places, including the mountains, and I learned a lot of things, awakening realities, gained new friends and most importantly I learned to know myself even more.


It’s never too late to be the best version of yourself. Hey we’re not perfect, we made mistakes, but please if you’re still breathing, forgive yourself and move forward. Prove yourself that you can change, that you can go on with your life. Sometimes we have to be broken into pieces, so that we can rebuild the ‘updated’ version of ourselves.

Be up for the challenge of adulthood, enjoy it while learning. We all know that we were born in one day, and everything can be gone in one day.



A.D.I. ♥