Plan. Research. Buy Ticket. Have F.U.N!

It’s our favorite ‘F’ word!

I hope you survived five days of working, studying. You deserve to have a weekend full of fun, or lots of food, or 16 hours of sleep. You choose. 🙂

As I mentioned last Monday, I am also preparing for an out of town trip by the end of October. I already have my roundtrip ticket and accommodation for two nights.

Osaka JG

I’ll see you soon, Osaka & Kyoto!

Photo from Japan Guide


Traveling never ceases to excites me, so whenever I get the chance, I do everything to make it memorable.

Let me share my travel reminders.

1. First, I plan of where to go, considering my available time and money allowance. I always tell everyone that no matter how I love traveling, I don’t use credit card. I honestly don’t have one, because I have strong belief and loyalty to cold cash. In that case, I don’t pay monthly interests and cautiously avoiding overspending.

If you want something, work hard for it while spending smartly.


Photo from

2. After choosing a destination, I do my own research. I know it’s a lot easier to ask, but I am quite of perfectionist to know a lot of things.




  • HOW? Google your dream destination. Read blogs, travel books or magazines. Join travel forums. Get first hand information from people who had been there or who currently live in the area.


  • WHAT TO LOOK FOR? You should know the way on how to get to your destination, consider budget, efficiency and safety. Can you go there by land, sea or air? List all the places you want to visit and ask yourself, “is it feasible?”.  And most importantly, does your money allowance suffice the trip?



** If you have adequate money and planning a spontaneous out of the country getaway on a weekend, does this country needs visa?

  • CHECK the weather. Always keep in mind that your safety is always a priority.

3. After all the planning, choose the date and book your ticket if needed. Cheap airfares come up every holiday.

I seldom do an out of the country weekend trip, for me it has always been beach bumming or hiking, just simply choose a destination and you’re ready to go.



 Favorite “S” word, summits & sea.



4. Prepare all stuffs needed. Set of clothes, toiletries, plastic bag, mobile & camera chargers, extra slippers, sunblock, snacks and drinking water. As much as possible, bring those things that you will really need. Pack light, bring your ‘own’ travel essentials.

Mother knows best. ♥

5. Let’s go early and avoid the rush hour!!! Have fun and be responsible for your own actions.

TGIF! Cheers! ♥