Meeting Fellow Filipino Felt Like Home

It’s Thank God It’s Friday!

How fast could that be? It’s almost weekend and I know some of you are excited to go somewhere or just stay at home and rest. You might want to watch travel inspired movies, see it here. 📺

I would also like to share that I’ve been living here in Japan for the last four months and a half; this is the longest period I stayed here. For the past week I was very happy meeting fellow Filipinos, it felt like being in the Philippines. You started speaking Tagalog, talking about anything that comes to mind. A little catch up from the last time we saw each other. A glimpse of what we’re looking forward to. So much to talk about, so little time. I am grateful to see them for a few hours, it felt like home. It was where I used to be.

Just continue learning how to embrace changes.

During my stay in Osaka, I met one of my fellow tamaraw (students/alumni from Far Eastern University) to have a little catching up while he’s attending some conference. We didn’t see each other in 3 or 4 years and it don’t feel strange at all! Our memories from FEU & KAISA felt like yesterday.

with Kuya Anthony
with my hardworking friend, Kuya Anthony


A week after meeting him, another friend of mine from Singapore arrived to meet his boyfriend. She saved a date with me in her itinerary, such a sweet lady. 

Thanks Syl! She’s the younger sister of my elementary classmate. It was nice seeing you!
Her boyfriend’s sister, Michiko, took these for us!
Izakaya Dinner! 🍻

The day after meeting Syl, I had an awesome date with my cousin at Mount Haruna! My second mountain in Japan towering at 1,449 meters high. (I’ll post the story soon!)

Ended the trip with one of the creamiest ice cream I've ever tasted! 🍦
Ended the trip with one of the creamiest ice cream I’ve ever tasted! 🍦


Being away from the Philippines, my home for twenty three years, was freaking hard and challenging. I took a lot of risks, patience, courage and determination to keep going every single day I woke up. Here’s the thing, I did not regret anything. I am at my happiest state with my family and closest relatives. (Someday, Lolo will be here too.)

To everyone I met along the journey, Thank you! 

And to those who chose to stay in my life, I love you!