October 2015

Good Morning, Monday!

How was your weekend? I hope you had fun and took some rest to face another week of our own ‘Survivor’ episode.

Now we know why alarm clocks are made. 🙂

Mondays are made for everyone, to work, to study and to begin again. I understand that it wouldn’t be complete without coffee, I personally prefer tea since I am planning to have a healthy start.

Earlier, I was reading some news in the Philippines, I know that transportation in the Metro is getting worst, I hope you can still make it to the office or school, with a smile. Let me share my experience way back in college, I was afraid of getting late due to grade consciousness and giving bad impression to my professor. What I did was to wake up early (or not sleep at all due to tons of requirements in nursing school) and ride the earliest jeepney in Sto Nino, Meycauayan, Bulacan. PS. I studied in FEU – ManilaMy travel time can be 1 – 2 hours. However, there were days that no matter how early I was, I still ended up late. Why?

  • The jeepney driver was a bit old and drives slowly at the expressway.
  • The driver forgot to refuel his vehicle.
  • The only train to reach my destination was having malfunction.
  • Therefore, my second option, which was to ride a jeepney was already jam – packed.
  • Take a cab? My allowance won’t allow me to.

I caught you smiling, because these is true. I wish things get better when I visit PH. They say traffic is forever, I hope not.

Aside from my endless thought about Philippines, I am pre-occupied with the following:

1. Since August of this year, I am studying Nihongo on my own and sooner I will be send to language school. I find it cool and exciting to learn new language different from what I used to speak and write. I guess my stay here in Japan will really take a lot of changes and adjustments. b57abc7274f493beac0b6c33416491b353d7dc1f37efa25390c5abb305d5d70c

2. I am still participating with Get Filed’s “Wonder A Day Challenge” art journaling promo for the whole month of October, wherein we are given daily prompts to interpret and post our work in our instagram account. And for the best part, everyone who completes the challenge will be given a 2016 FILED Planner of our choice and prizes from Snapperdoodles.

I am a frustrated artist, but I do not want to miss the chance of trying. So if you want to do something, have the heart to do it.


Day 5 was #RelationshipGoals

Camper Planner

Camper Planner 2015

(Photo Grabbed from Get Filed’s Facebook Page)

The following prompts are getting harder everyday and I am running out of creative juices. But, I will keep trying. There’s so much to learn in typography and doodling.

3. I am also busy planning for my Osaka and Kyoto trip by the end of October, to meet a college friend. I’ve been visiting Japan since I was 12 and I have never traveled around, like what I did in the Philippines. So, I am grabbing my chance to visit the place.

Again, I found some cheap roundtrip fares from Willer Express and I am also trying AirBnb for the first time. Definitely, I will write stories about this trip next month.


4. I am not losing hope for the Philippines, it is still my home after all. My mother and I, can still vote for the May 2016 Elections, so we are heading to the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo for Overseas Voting registration. So, if you are not in the Philippines, please check details online, we can still register until October 31, 2015.


I am very vocal that I am rooting for #Duterte2016. I’ve been to Davao, ranked as the safest city in the world, and I can say that his disciplined leadership will truly bring progress in our nation.

5. My mother has been busy with work and hopefully she can take a day off so we can spend another mother & daughter date in one of the known tourist spot in Tokyo!



6. I broke up with coffee last summer, and few weeks ago I also broke up with soda. Optimistically, I wish to have a good relationship and 100% commitment with Green Tea.


Things may not be happening the way I wanted it, but some things are better unplanned. Now, I let life surprises me and allow His perfect timing in everything I do.

Cheers to another day to live!


A.D.I ♥