November 2015

Before continuing to read this post, let’s all say a prayer to all the families who lost their loved ones during the casualties in Paris, Mexico, Baghdad and Beirut last Friday. I personally do not know how and why these people kill our own brothers and sisters. May their souls rest in peace. 

Let’s hustle the first day of our week, with a big smile and a brave heart to face the challenges of life and be grateful. Let’s train ourselves to see the good in everything. (It sounds tiring, but keep in mind, it is a LIFELONG CHORE.) ❤︎

monOn the brighter side, we are just 34 days away from Christmas! Are you guys feeling the vibe of the happiest season of the year? Do you have any travel plans? Have you bought your nieces, nephews and godchildren their Christmas gifts? Are you excited to open your coin bank you started last year? Too many questions, Lol. 😂

I know that some families may not celebrate this wonderful season because of their pain and loss. Let’s continue to pray for the world, it was once a better place.

I myself is very excited because it is my first Christmas with family here in Japan. It is also my first Christmas outside of Philippines. Which means, I am also looking forward to make some “Olaf” over the winter season. ⛄ Did you know that Japanese does not normally celebrate this day as a holiday? Most of them are still working on the  24th and 25th .  They are more particular in celebrating New Year. 🎆 I am happy & overwhelmed with the changes that will happen soon!

Looking back…

One of the things I will certainly miss about Philippines is to attend Christmas Parties with friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors. ( © December, 2010)
I used to celebrate this wonderful season with my grandparents. My grandmother used to cook for us, but when she left, my grandfather & I tried to do our best to prepare something on the table. My younger cousins were in Leyte last year so we were just three at home. ( © December, 2014)

For the meantime, I am working on my November #BlogSeries, sharing stories about my second mountain here in Japan which is Mount Haruna, new Starbucks flavors, apple picking in Gunma, a glimpse to Little Edo in Kawagoe and some autumn feels.

I am still trying to recall my previous travels and climb, will surely share it soon! 🙂

See you tomorrow for my second Top 10 Tuesdays! ❤︎