Manic Monday


Monday, we say it like it’s a curse.

Well, it is like your worst nightmare and may sounds synonymously to ‘end of weekend’ and get back to work. Painful as it may sound, we all have to face the reality behind ‘Mondays’.

The more you hate, the more you love. Kidding aside, I personally love this day to plan my week and be productive. It’s like a good day to have a fresh start, straighten things out, excel in school/work, balance my bills, think of a good investment and a lot more.

I know it seems boring, but we’re not getting any younger. Hashtag Adulthood.

This page is intended to share how I look forward for the coming week and my own thoughts about environment, government, education, etc. Yes, I am maximizing my freedom of speech thru writing.

Have a fantastic Monday! ♥