John 1:16

Hi everyone! #BlogSeries for November officially starts today, and I am excited to share a lot of stories, tips & guide for you!!! ♥️


Let’s begin the series with Grateful Sunday with one of the verses I always pray every single day.

John 1 16

When I was in the Philippines, I used to go to church every Sunday. It was how my grandparents raised me and I am proud of them. Let me share you some facts about me, honestly, things are continually changing when I moved here in Japan. There are few churches I can visit in the area and when the time I get my salary, I  must keep an allocation for transportation and tithes. Back home, I can reach the church in 3-5 minutes and now I have to travel an hour or two to visit one. It will surely entail sacrifices and I am determined to do it. ‘You lose some, you gain some’ kind of situation, I must say. Doesn’t mean I have poor faith by not seeing the church, we can pray everywhere at anytime of day. He can surely hear us.

(PS, No questioning of religion and science, it’s two different things. 🙂 )

Why am I sharing these? Simply because I am thankful on how my life is turning into right now. I am in a position wherein I have my family & closest relatives beside me, friends who stayed thru the good and the bad, my partner who’s currently working on his best and an unexpected writing job, therefore, I always wake up smiling and feels genuinely happy. Let’s face it, not everyone has a shelter to sleep at night, food to eat three times a day, tuition fee for education and there are people out there who lost their loved ones.

I finished this article before the attack in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad and Lebanon. Earthquakes in Mexico & Japan. May their souls rest in peace. Let’s all take a moment to #PrayForTheWorld.

While reading this and if you happened to have what I stated above, BE GRATEFUL.

We cannot have everything but we can learn how to be contented on what we have right in front of us.

I recommend you to list all the things you are grateful for and you will be surprise because there are a lot of things to be grateful for. Learn to appreciate every little thing because there are people out there who needed so much and they can’t do anything about it. Grab the chance to see the beauty in everything. Pray and it will be given at His perfect timing. Just be open about it (some people tend to be insensitive when they see it coming).

I’ve been active on this blog for two months now and I am certainly happy about the outcome because I can help/inspire my friends and other people who stumble upon my account, to do more and continue to explore this amazing world. Everyday, I maximize the gift of 24 hours to live. I witness the sunrise, talked and spend time with my family, make someone smile, chat with good old friends, entertain questions from strangers, and watch the sunset. I hope you start today, because no one knows what will happen tomorrow. 👐

Live the life He gave you and be grateful rather than grumble in all of your mishaps. Anything can happen in one day, just one day.

See you tomorrow for Manic Mondays! ♥️