Gift of Family

It’s the first day of my blog series, and let me start it with “Grateful Sunday”.

I grew up with my grandparents, miles away from my father and mother. Please do not get me wrong, I am very thankful of my Lola, who raised me until her last breath and Lolo still continue to do the same with my younger cousins. My parents had to stay abroad to give us the best in life, from clothing us, sending us to a good school and feeding us three times a day. Who wouldn’t be grateful for those?


Meet my Family.

I cannot barely remember the picture above, I was only turning two. I did not get to know my Japanese father due to some circumstances within our family. Mistakes were done but as time passes by we learn how to forgive. I met him during my 11th birthday and clearly I was not able to spend childhood with someone to call “Papa”. At a young age, my grandmother taught me how to accept changes and just be happy with the thought of having a complete family after 10 years. I did. We get to see each other every year because we are studying in the Philippines and my father has a business in Japan.

Despite the distance, my parents continue to show their love and care for me and my older brother. They missed some important occasions in our lives but our grandparents were always beside us while growing up. We did not question their absence physically because we knew that all of their hard work was to sustain us. We both strive to do our best so that someday we will be together under one roof.

My brother flew to Japan right after his high school graduation, and I chose to live with my ‘Lola’ until her last breath. I finished college in the Philippines and continue to visit my family abroad. It was tough being away with the people you love the most. Until one day, they asked me to try living in Japan for good.

I was half hearted to say ‘yes’. All the people and things I am used to are in the Philippines. Eventually, I woke up realizing that my family is the greatest blessing from above. No matter what happens, they are my family and I never regret living with them despite all of the adjustments.

“Honor your father and mother.

Then you will live a long, full life in the land the Lord your God is giving you.”

Exodus 20:12

I may not have the best childhood memories but it is not too late to make up for lost time. I am always given the chance to live with them, I just selfishly chose what I want. I wouldn’t be ashamed to tell you that if you are still living with your parents, kindly show that you love and care for them. Believe me, you wouldn’t regret choosing them.

Time is such a thief, you wouldn’t know when will be their ‘time’…