Crafty Wednesday



Wednesday is all about crafts, from scrapbooking, doodling, typography, knitting patterns and everything that can showcase our creative side.

Aside from traveling, I also love trying different skills once in a while and let me share you why I continue my passion for crafts. Technology is very helpful and convenient to everyone, I attest to that. The best example I can give is our mobile phone, it can be our calendar, alarm clock, search engine, wireless communication with your loved ones, shopping, reservations, and the lists go on. However, there are still people out there, including me, who prefer to make snail mail, scrapbooks, hand made gifts. There are still people who wants the traditional way of keeping memories and showcasing their creative skills.

This page is intended to share about hand made crafts, creative ideas for gifts, scrapbook tips, art materials and where to buy them. I still believe that effort is attractive and the best indicator of interest.

Let’s get crafty! ♥