Eleanor & Park

It’s Bibliophilic Saturday!

What do you have in hand for the weekend? Let me recall one of my favorite books written by Rainbow Rowell. It gave me so much feels and flashbacks back in high school, presenting Eleanor & Park.

Book & Milk Tea, perfect combination.

I’ve read this last year around June of 2014. This is not your typical high school story but it was beautifully written in a way that everyone who loved may understand. Eleanor is a new student, while Park is a quiet Asian boy who loves to read comics. Once they break the silence, they suddenly fall in love into the uniqueness of each other. Their life isn’t perfect, but they manage to be happy and make the most out of it.

They met at their school bus. Little by little, they show gestures and started conversation with each other. They have common interests that we all know that can be a start of ‘something’.

Some readers may relate to Eleanor’s family, their father left them when they were young. She has four siblings and they live in a small house when her mother remarries. Life has been too hard on them, that even food or toiletries is a struggle or considered luxury. Despite of their home condition, Eleanor is a bright young lady who knows where she stands and what she wants in life.

While Park on the other hand, has a good convenient life. His father was in the army when he met his mother who was a beautician from Korea. His personality in this character is very strong and positive, upon reading the chapters, you will realize that he will do everything to make it work with Eleanor.

This book will never let you sleep, you won’t get rid off it because it really shows how good romance can happen. It has realistic scenarios that you can relate to, from the time being you had crush on someone, the feeling on how you deny it but it shows naturally and you felt happy. I can still remember how awkward it was when my first love told me that he will introduce me to his family. Yeah, those butterflies in your tummy kept on tickling you. Too agitated to move or speak or even sleep!

It also emphasizes some major concerns of today’s young generation – BULLYING. Eleanor was bullied by her classmates a lot of times because of her physical appearance and even his stepfather  wrote her unwanted messages. Can you imagine how trouble she was? The good part is that she has a hero, Park.

At some part of the book, you will also remember how conscious you were with your PHYSICAL IMAGE back in your early teenage years. She was too afraid that she’s too big for Park. The society pulled her down in so many ways, I challenge you to know how she overcome it.

Overall, I highly recommend this to young teenagers, even young adult can totally relate on this one. It was narrated beautifully in words that you can grasp and visualize in your imagination.Grab one and embrace it!

It’s totally worth it, but it left me heartbroken and confused…