My FREE Camper Planner

Happy Holidays!

It has been an overwhelming holiday season for me and my family (it was our first), and honestly I was not able to stick to my posting schedule! It was purely quality time with lots of stories and laughters! Will share it soon! =)

Last week I wrote about perfect planners for 2016 that will suit your need and personality. Today, I will share how I got my free planner from Filed.

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If you will recall my October Blog Series, I joined Filed’s Wonder A Day Challenge by posting  Art Journals everyday, from October 1 until the 31st via Instagram. They gave us 31 prompts to interpret using drawing and calligraphy. Yay!

Let me show you my 31 entries, forgive some of my artworks that lacks creativity, some prompts were not so easy for me. Haha!

Every day of October, I spent an hour or two finishing my entry.

PS. My good friend, Angeli Velasco, invited me to join this wonderful activity! Honestly, this activity helped me to build an everyday routine to create more art journals. ♥

We were able to post daily (no late entries) and for our reward, we are given FREE Filed Planner (Scribble, Doodle, Camper) of our choice. I felt good about getting a planner from hard work plus I was able to save Php 545.

“I am not really good at it,

but I don’t want to miss the chance of TRYING”.

Let me show you how my 2016 planner looks like…


It was my personal choice and I really love it! It perfectly fits to people who are always up for adventures. 👣✈️🌏

Aside from the free planner, it comes with a personalized tag.
Where are we going?
List the places you want to see in 2016!
Along with adventure photos, you can also add your own travel photos and write down your travel musings.
Make it ‘remarkable 2016’.


You’re Philippines Adventure Map! Mark it.
Just to keep you reminded whenever you go places…
Dateless Monthly View
Spacious Weekly View (Doodle it your way!)
Manage your money while on the road!


Doodle your favorite quote or your own words on this colored pages.
+ Travel Musings +
It is small and handy, that you can bring the next time you hit the road.
My 2016 Planner

Aside from my travel journal, this Camper Planner will keep me company for the next 365 days of my life! Make sure to visit my Instagram account, Life and Misadventures of Aki, to see how I use and design my own planner.

Again, many thanks to Filed for this wonderful planner! It was my first time to join an online challenge and it’s totally worth it. More power to you guys! 👌

I wish all of your plans will come true in His guidance. Just keep making wonderful memories with your loved ones! ♥





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