10 Things I Discover About Go Pro

Konnichiwa! こんにち!

As I share my third gadget review this month, I am also celebrating my first anniversary with my favorite travel buddy, Go Pro Hero 4 Silver Edition.


Read our story here 👉 Celebrating 1 Year with Go Pro!

It’s been a year since I bought this camera from Gadget for Less. They actually have the cheapest price for a brand new Hero 4 Silver back in December of 2014. The transaction was very smooth & fast, we set a meet up in TriNoMa with no additional charge and I also got wonderful freebies from them. I was never wrong to believe in Chito Miranda‘s recommendation via Instagram. 



Another commendation from Chito, this time on my re-posted photo…

Kinilig ako, kaya ayan may screenshot! 😂

Gopring just turned 1 year old last December 19, 2015.

As of today, I can still witness that not all people know Go Pro. I won’t blame them if they are already contented with their smartphones or digital cameras that can also capture precious moments. However, as I continue to explore the beauty of our planet, I needed more…

Let me share you what I discover about Go Pro HERO 4 Silver on a beginner’s take.

1. Basically, it is small and can actually fit in your palm.

It’s only 41mm in height, 59mm in width and 29.6mm in depth.

2. Not all Go Pro are expensive, they also have the pared down HERO for entry level.

(For as low as Php 6,000)

Entry Level 199 dollars w wifi wo 129

3. Surprisingly, this handy camera produces 12 megapixels shots at an astonishing 30 frames per second! Wow.

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines (January, 2015)

4. Since this is Wi-Fi enabled, you can easily control & transfer your photos immediately thru their FREE Go Pro App!

For better connectivity,  you just have to use the fastest memory card which is Class 10.

For Apple users, click here.

For Android users, click here.

Smart Remote
You also have the option to purchase your smart remote that can control distances of up to 180 meters.

5. You can creatively edit your own videos and photos using their FREE Go Pro Studio on laptop/desktop,

6. It has fixed, wide-angle perspective. (140-170 degrees!)

Your picture doesn’t only showcases yourself but the best view of your surroundings! If you are keen on it, you can remove the fish eye effect on Go Pro Studio.


7. Since I have the Hero 4 Silver Edition – it is WiFi ready & has LCD touch screen.

You can also conveniently playback your photos and trim your videos!



8. It is an ACTION CAMERA.

Using Go Pro is not just about taking the best selfie, it is also a high definition camera that you can take almost everywhere while enjoying different activities via land, water and air.

It can also capture 1080p60 and 720p120 videos with utmost clarity that offers ‘ultra high-resolution, cinema-quality capture’. So don’t forget to bring yours when trying extreme sports!

9. Mount it everywhere.

Mount it during skiing, cycling, surfing, diving! Pair it with drone! How about harnessing it to your pet? All of these sounds exciting, right?

So much things to try on your Go Pro, don’t hesitate to use it because it is ‘small, light, aero/hydro-dynamic, and tough’. – Gizmodo

10. Best part, it is WATERPROOF up to 131 feet.

Now, imagine yourself indulging under the sea with school of fish or even dolphins, captured at its finest quality.


Hero 4 Silver has the best value for money. Why? You can save extra $100 while enjoying your 1.7 inch touchscreen  which the Hero 4 Black lacks. In that sense, I can conclude that Hero 4 Silver is easier to use. PS. The only thing you give up is a 4K/UHD video.


There’s a lot more to learn about Go Pro, you just have to search online, read reviews and watch tutorial videos. If you’re experiencing something unusual, try to research about it first and if you still need assistance, you may ask fellow users via Go Pro Users Philippines. 

You can also buy cheap accessories at Go Pro Philippines Items for Sale. If you are hesitant, you can post in GPUP forum and they can vouch for the seller.

I haven’t tried contacting their Go Pro Support Team, but I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback that they are really helpful and generous.

* Request FREE Go Pro Stickers (not waterproof), here.

As a I go to different places, I am grateful enough that this camera is well worth the price for the usabilityquality and availability of great accessories. It’s a bit tricky and confusing on my first use and I just keep on trying until I get a hold of it. One of the best way to capture great images in just one snap!

I hope you learned something great about this worthy action camera! Simply take a snap, share and love it. 📷👌

PS. I’ll make sure to update this post as necessary. I might include editing apps and some troubleshooting.☺️






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