The Wanderess: Serenity in Mount Haruna

A week after my trip in the Kansai Prefecture, my aunt called on Tuesday night saying that we’re going out the next day leaving at 5 AM. I did not hesitate to say ‘yes’ because we might go somewhere exciting!

On The Road
Get ready to see more Autumn colors!

On the 11th of November 2015,  we had a three hour drive going to…


Mount Haruna (榛名山) in Gunma

Mount Haruna (1,449 meters) is one of the “Three Mountains of Jōmō” (old name for Gunma), along with Mount Akagi and Mount Myōgi located in Maebashi City, the capital city of Gunma Prefecture.

The road up to the mountain is similar to the road going up to Baguio, Philippines. It follows the inconsistent folds of the mountain’s terrain with set of intricate turns. Drivers would love the road as they drive swiftly while passengers enjoy the countless numbers of irregular trees in autumn colors. The trip was also refreshing in 14° degrees Celsius.

Photography (all photos marked with KC) by my cousin Karen. 🙂
Autumn 2015
Cable Car
Upon reaching the straight road, a ropeway awaits you to reach Mount Haruna’s summit.
Round trip tickets costs 800 yen.
Road to highest pt
Ropeway of Mount Haruna
They only have two cable cars (painted in red) that transfer 16-20 passengers every 20 minutes. You don’t have to worry because it is in good condition and very efficient.
At the summit, you will see a beautiful view of the mountain ranges and the crater lake. 
Japan might be one of the busiest and modernized country but their love for nature will never fade.
Most of the visitors that day were also Japanese from different cities.
I love focusing one subject that makes the background a bit blurry. Photo taken using my three year old iPhone 4S.
For 100 yen you can use this telescope.
You can also buy these wooden tablets at the counter and write your wishes.

After the ropeway ride, there is another 100 meters hike going up…

Road Paved
Unlike the mountains I’ve been before, the trail going to the highest point of Mount Haruna is paved.

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Thank you Ren! 📷

Another huge white wooden torii upon entering the highest point of the mountain.
Being on top of a mountain won’t hinder you from calling, texting or even surfing the net. 😀
Messy hair, don’t care. Lels.

I wasn’t ready for this trip and my Go Pro buddy says “Memory FULL”. It was the worst notice ever.  Lesson learned. 😂👍

After an hour, walking around the mountain, we decided to go down and visit Lake Haruna.

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We were trying a scene from 500 Days of Summer… But I just can’t. Haha!

Lake Haruna Top View
Lake Haruna as viewed inside the cable car.

 Across the mountain, you can rent a bike and roam around…


This place simply reminds me of Baguio, you can rent bicycles for as low as ¥600 for 30 minutes or ¥1000 for one hour.

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If you don’t want to exhaust yourself from biking, then you can simply…

Horse Ride
Try the horse carriage rides that can load 6-8 persons.
You can also try boating and fishing around Lake Haruna.

If you have more time, you can try the famous Ikaho Onsen or hot spring (伊香保温泉) located at the eastern slopes of Mount Haruna at 700 meters elevation.

On the other side of the lake, you can view the symmetrical cone-shaped projection of Mount Haruna, also known as mini Mount Fuji.

Mini Fuji
The mountain’s ropeway is located at the shaved part of the mountain.

Haruna Mini Fuji

This mountain is categorizes dormant stratovolcano which has many peaks along with the crater lake at the top, wherein people enjoy fishing, camping and boating.

Shoe selfie
I had to get off the bike when I saw momiji.

Momiji is the Japanese name for Acer Palmatum, the Japanese maple tree.

Mushroom Tea
After returning two rented bicycles, the store owner prepared hot mushroom tea for all of us, for FREE.
Aside from bike rentals, she also sells mouth watering ice cream for 300 yen.

I am telling you that this is not your ordinary matcha ice cream! It’s homemade, creamy and authentic!

The cold never bothered us anyway 🍦


Going down the mountain, you will see different souvenir shops like this one. You can buy authentic specialties of Gunma, Japan.They have udon, jams, mochi, biscuits, fruit candies and flavored meat. Aside from edible goods, they also sell keychains, magnets, Japanese dolls, purse and handbags. 👍🎌

HK Gunma Candies
Aside from mochi, I also have Hello Kitty special candies from Gunma!

Lunch was served at one of their famous restaurants, as seen on television…

There were only 15 – 16 seats available and most of them were willing to fall in line and try their food.
This is the closest “isaw” or chicken intestines, that I can get here in Japan!

Complete meal costs ¥650-700. Serving was too many, but definitely the main course was tasty and a bit spicy. Perfect for the cold breeze on the mountains! 🍴 🌄 🎌

Since they don’t offer desserts…

We visited an Apple Farm!
Apple KC3
All red and sweet!!!
Apple KC
In different sizes…
Apple KC1
My uncle was so eager to try different apples from different cities of Japan.
Apple KC2
For 400 yen, you can enter the farm and eat apples as many as you can.

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Thousands of sweet apples 🍎🍎🍎

Selca KC5

Selca KC9

Selca KC8

I ate four apples in that farm, and I think I won’t eat apples until next year. 🍎

Take home apples for Momma!

After visiting the farm, we decided to go for a walk at the park…

SMILE is the best makeup I can wear, ALL THE TIME.
Autumn in November
My first autumn in Japan.

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We really had an awesome and fun filled day in Mount Haruna away from the busy and hustling city of Tokyo. The only noise I can hear was my giggles. 😂 My cousin and I were able to spend time together sharing the same passion for photography. Obviously I love to be the subject of my cousin’s photos. Haha! 🍦 🍴 🌄 🍎 🎌 

Most of the mountains in Japan are too much established, roads are paved and cable cars are made available to transport visitors (most specially the elderly). With these facts, it is easier for the Japanese to visit their own spots. Back then, they also have strong belief in deities so please expect that most of the mountains has shrines and torii.

My first mountain in Japan, which tends to be Japan’s tallest mountain – Mount Fuji, was overwhelming and full of hard work. I never thought that seeing my second mountain would be this fun and easy.

Read my birthday climb in Mount Fuji here. 🌟👌

Selca KC4.jpg

Thank you for reading!


Planning my third mountain in JP… 👣🌄


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